Doominhated - Inferno Captu Mundi CD -

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Raging Epic Pagan Metal

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I. Night on Grishell
II. Ulmir
III. Wurlak
IV. Battle in the Eternal Snow
V. Prisoner of the Dark
VI. The sons of the cross
VII. Come Back From Beyond
VIII. Death Everywhere
9. Warrior of a Pagan Land
10. The Oath
11. Angst
12. The Death of Attila

yet still grim, still raging epic Pagan Black Metal from DOOMINHATED! With \'Inferno Caput Mundi (The Supreme Race)\' full-length album now available on CD, DOOMINHATED / RINGWRAITHmastermind Lord Cabal (\'art and screams\') creates a skillful blend ofgothic, melodic Death, and powerful Nordic-influenced epic Pagan BlackMetal inspired by DARK FUNERAL, EMPEROR, BATHORY, and BORKNAGAR!Featuring some atmospheric medieval keyboards and ethereal femalevocals (\'whispers\') by Liv (similar to early WELTENBRAND), Lord Cabalexpands on the Tolkien-based developments of the previous split-album[with DOOMINHATED] to unleash a new mythology based on the legend of\'The Supreme Race\', an anti-xtian theme originating from the magicalland of Grishell.



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