Led Zeppelin - The Origin Of The Species Buch -

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...How, Why And Where It All Begann" 320 Seiten alles über Led Zeppelin

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Proving that a band is truly the sum of its parts, this music historytraces the influences and experiences that would later converge to formLed Zeppelin. Every recording and live session made by the future bandmembers is traced and woven into a rich and insightful web ofinfluences that contains a complete family tree of their musical andprofessional colleagues as well as a massive discography and list oflive performances. Staggering insight into the workings of thisperiod\'s big wigs and foot soldiers accompany details on bands andrecords that were recently discovered to have featured Jimmy Page,Robert Plant, and John Paul Jones. Rare photographs of the bandmates intheir pre?Led Zeppelin incarnations are included along with originalinterviews with their friends and colleagues.

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