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Black Metal fr alten Immortal Fans

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From the mastermind responsible for breathing life into Dark HorizonRecords (Lord Typhus) comes the Satanic War Machine called TYPHUS. Thedebut album entitled "Profound Blasphemous Proclamation" is OUT NOW onDark Horizon Records! THIS IS WAR!!!!!!! TYPHUS spew forth "ProfoundBlasphemous Proclamation" striking out against the book of lies, aswell as the false prophets soothsaying which held so many unfulfilledpromises! TYPHUS will be the nails used to crucify Jesus Christ thesecond time around! The music of TYPHUS is Pure, Organic, Blasphemous,Cold, Grim, Necro, Minimalist, Narrow Minded, Raw, Extremely Harsh,Fire Breathing, Blood Smeared, Spike Wearing, Christ Crushing, OrthodoxBlack Metal. TYPHUS are proud and bold enough to state: "Amidst thesaturated and redundantly boring Black Metal scene, we have actuallycreated an original and interesting approach and sound with the birthof TYPHUS! This album will bring U.S. Black Metal into the realm of theoriginators and masters. This will be "THE" Black Metal album for 2005and beyond! Join the New World Order, created Under The Banner OfTYPHUS!"

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